About Us

MedFocus serves clients across the United States.  We have a wealth of experience billing for practices and labs, including specialized expertise in dermatology, anatomical pathology, gastrointerology, urology, OB/GYN, trauma and emergency medicine, radiology, oncology, and general surgery, among others.  

The MedFocus Story

MedFocus was originally founded in 1994, and has grown steadily based on the strong, experienced leadership team and outstanding performance.  


Outpacing the many changes in our industry, we continually upgrade technology and refine processes to bill and collect accounts efficiently, accurately, and transparently, using sophisticated metrics and benchmarks to ensure excellence. Every detail of the billing process is continually evaluated, refined, and improved.  


With decades of experience, we also know and believe that in some areas - such as in patient services - technology is no substitute for warm, knowledgeable staff.   We continually train our employees and guide our patient communications using the principles of compassion, diplomacy, and accountability. 


Based on reputation and results, we have had the privilege of frequent referrals from clients, consultants, accountants, and hospital administrators, our primary source of growth.  


Experienced Leadership and Highly-Trained Staff


  • Our senior leadership team brings career-long experience to the company.  
  • Each department is led by a Business Office Coordinator with 15 to 25 years of expertise in medical billing and a long-term history with the company.  
  • Over the past decade we have built an outstanding billing team.  We hire experienced staff and treat everyone at MedFocus with respect, constantly training and challenging them to perform at their very best. 



"Our management philosophy and company culture have created a dynamic, high-performing team that takes ownership in ensuring that each client has the best possible quality of services.  We are proud to say that many of the "thank yous" and compliments we receive are directed to individual staff members."

-Diana J. Smith, Owner and Director of Operations


Professional Memberships and Certifications