2015 PQRS Group Reporting Option

May 5, 2015

Registration Opens for 2015 PQRS Group Reporting Option

Groups can now register to participate in the 2015 Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) Group Reporting Option (GPRO) via the Physician Value-Physician Quality Reporting System (PV-PQRS) Registration System. PQRS GPRO is an option available to groups with 2 or more eligible professionals (EPs).


Groups must meet the satisfactory reporting criteria through the PQRS GPRO in order to avoid a -2.0% CY 2017 PQRS payment adjustment.


More information about the CY 2017 PQRS payment adjustment will be available on the PQRS Payment Adjustment Information webpage.


In addition, data reported by eligible professionals in 2015 under PQRS is subject to the Value Modifier (VM) payment adjustments in 2017. Under the Value Modifier, providers are subject to additional upward or downward payment adjustments based on their PQRS data. 2017 VM adjustments are +/- 2.0% for eligible providers in groups between 2-9 eligible providers in size and +/- 4.0% for eligible providers in groups of ten or more eligible providers.


The Registration System can be accessed online using a valid Individuals Authorized Access to the CMS Computer Services (IACS) account. Step-by-step instructions for obtaining an IACS account with the correct role are provided on the PQRS GPRO Registration webpage.

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