TAKE ACTION to repeal 3% withhold

May 25, 2011

The TIPRA law requires a 3% withhold of all payments made to anyone providing services to the federal government, including Medicare and Medicaid payments.  The withhold will then be returned as a refund against tax liabilities. 

The withhold of daily revenue from medical practices, returned as an annual tax credit, would cause a year-round cash flow disruption and add administrative overhead for physicians who treat patients with government insurance, both unwarranted outcomes for the people who care for the nation's sick and injured. 

As a steadfast advocate for our clients, MedFocus is taking an active role in working to exempt physicians from this law.  As a part of this advocacy, we are providing you with a letter to urge our senators and representatives to take action.  Feel free to use it as is, or modify it to add your own voice. 


Use this easy link to find the addresses of your state senators and the representative for your district. 


3% withhold comment letter 5-2011.doc


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