Client Connection

Helping You Run a Successful Practice

At MedFocus, we are engaged with the entire revenue cycle.  In the process of effectively submitting and collecting claims, we constantly look for areas of potential improvement that we can highlight for practice leaders. 

We maintain one of the highest levels of client services in the industry, bringing education, tools, data, and insight to help our clients optimize the potential in their revenue cycle.


Our connection with clients takes many forms.  We are accessible and available every business day to answer individual questions.  We meet with clients on a regular schedule and as needed to address areas of enhancement or concern.  

Based on each client's needs, we often provide in-office education and training tailored to the individual practice, its staff, and physicians.  As a resource, we provide clients with a wealth of articles on practice management, coding, and claim billing to promote compliant, payment-ready claims.  


In addition, we watch the industry closely and proactively address the many changes and deadlines as they occur.  We ensure that the claims process within our office is compliant, and actively help clients stay ahead of policy and regulatory changes.  


Click on the links to the right to see a few examples of recent topics we have highlighted in our client education, or here to read recent news articles.  

Measuring Performance

Starting the Revenue Cycle
Measuring Account Performance
Supporting Good Management

Integration with Existing Systems

Our IT experts have created hundreds of integrations across Lab Information Systems and Electronic Medical Records for seamless data flow.

What Clients Say...


MedFocus is remarkably responsive and excellent at data retrieval and monitoring.  I am confident that MedFocus minimizes any lost income for our practice.  They have been cost-effective and essential to our practice flexibility and growth.


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