Strategic Practice Reports

Strategic Practice Reports

The payor mix report shown here is one of our many strategic practice reports.  It tracks charges, payments, or adjustments by payor class over time. 

It is valuable in identifying subtle changes in payor mix that ultimately affect revenue, targeting payors for contract negotiation efforts, and tracking practice thresholds on low paying insurers.  (Click on the report to see a larger view.)


We can provide views of the practice from many angles to assist practice leaders in making good management decisions and ensuring the health of the practice overall.   For example:


  • If practice revenue is down, easily determine if it is due to a decrease in volume, increased denials, a payor mix change, a decrease in the number of high-paying procedures, or some other factor.  


  • Trend RVUs and number of patients to see if your practice is growing over time without having to equalize for fee schedule changes or payment variables.


  • Determine whether an individual piece of equipment, procedure, or location is profitable.


  • Analyze your referral sources, and the types of insurance being referred most commonly by each physician or group. 


  • Excel in payor contracting by comparing RVU years or targeting codes for carveout negotiations.


  • Monitor CPT and diagnosis coding patterns, to ensure quality healthcare initiatives are met.
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Our IT experts have created hundreds of integrations across Lab Information Systems and Electronic Medical Records for seamless data flow.

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MedFocus is remarkably responsive and excellent at data retrieval and monitoring.  I am confident that MedFocus minimizes any lost income for our practice.  They have been cost-effective and essential to our practice flexibility and growth.


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