Medical Billing Services

Disciplined and Knowledgeable

We use advanced technology and focused processing to submit claims quickly, identify problems early, and strategically identify unpaid claims. 

We have been recognized for "Gold Standard" performance due to our 99% clean claim submission rate. This significantly improves cash flow, decreases denials and provides a safeguard for compliance for our clients.

We are able to achieve this mark as a result of our 2 million+ point audit system, which helps us to ensure payment-ready claims and constantly provide feedback, education and tools to clients and empower them to improve the claims process from the beginning.

This is just one of our many effective processes. Across the company we have created a system that has consistently exceeded Best Practice collections and account management benchmarks. To read more about our drive for excellence, click on the pages to the right.

We Take Confidentiality and Compliance Seriously

At each step, we maintain the highest level of ethics and data confidentiality in a secure environment for patient and financial data. Every transaction is guided by HIPAA standards and our active Billing Compliance Plan, following the guidelines published by the Department of Health and Human Services, CMS, and the Office of Inspector General.

Put Us to Work For You

Transitioning your accounts receivable to MedFocus is straightforward and seamless.  We provide all notifications and applications to ensure a smooth, rapid transition with a minimum of effort by the physician and practice manager.

“Not only are our new client transitions smooth, we have rescued clients out of dire billing situations with multiple, complex issues, and helped them become profitable practices with collections exceeding projections.“  - Clara Howell, Client Services Director

Measuring Performance

Starting the Revenue Cycle
Measuring Account Performance
Supporting Good Management

Will Outsourcing Work For Your Practice?

At MedFocus, we seamlessly integrate with your existing processes. 

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What Clients Say...


A note of thanks to MedFocus who has supported billing and reimbursement for our three clinics.  From the cost assessment process through implementation and ongoing services, staff members and the systems at MedFocus have provided us with excellent support.   


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