Reporting and Benchmarking Technology

Key To Success: Data-Supported Management Decisions

We are firm believers in the old adage, “If you can't measure it, you can't manage it”.  One of the biggest challenges for most medical billing companies and departments is the ability to get their arms around millions of data points, payor rules, and individual account status changes.  At MedFocus, data analysis and management is one of our greatest strengths. 


As a starting platform, we use one of the most robust practice management systems available, along with industry benchmarks to measure performance.  Over the past decade, we've further optimized these tools by building and integrating a proprietary data mining software that allows us analyze data at the level of our experience, called the MedFocus Information Data Analysis System, or MIDAS.  


MIDAS gives us the ability to constantly monitor specific data patterns and route targeted accounts for prompt action.  Internally, this gives us a huge advantage as we track accounts for payment and status, improve and streamline work flow, and identify opportunities for increased collections.  In addition, we use these tools to assess employee quality and productivity and ensure top performance.


MIDAS also gives us an almost unlimited ability to report on data, and we have used our practice management experience to create meaningful, intuitive reports, providing insight into the revenue cycle at both detailed and strategic levels.  Click here to read more about the many ways we assist clients in measuring performance. 

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A note of thanks to MedFocus who has supported billing and reimbursement for our three clinics.  From the cost assessment process through implementation and ongoing services, staff members and the systems at MedFocus have provided us with excellent support.   


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