Streamlined Payor Collections

Key To Success: Excellent Data Management

Our insurance collections are based on the expectation that insurers will pay or respond timely and correctly on every submitted claim, and we hold them accountable using a sophisticated tracking system.

Hospitals, practices and billing companies struggle to submit claims effectively, prompting the AMA to launch a nationwide "Heal the Claim Process"™ initiative.At MedFocus, we far exceed the goals of this initiative using a system we have developed called MIDAS(MedFocus Information Data Analysis System), which allows us to collect claims efficiently and systematically.

MIDAS is constantly populated with line-item claim detail, noting every action taken on accounts with specific and detailed message codes. Our goal is correct payment the first time. However, if claims are denied, unpaid, or not paid correctly, we solve or appeal multiple claims rapidly with a single action, note the account with more reportable message codes, and move on. As a result, we identify and collect significantly more claims in a shorter amount of time and for significantly less cost. 

All of this data also allows for excellent reporting of claim activity on a detailed level. Internally, this means we are able to easily identify payor payment and denial patterns, and address them proactively.  For clients, our meaningful, straightforward reports are an invaluable tool in monitoring, correcting, and enhancing clinical activities that have an impact on claim payment and collection.

The “Heal the Claims Process”™ campaign’s is an initiative by the American Medical Association, with a goal to reduce the cost of submitting claims for the physician practice.

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A note of thanks to MedFocus who has supported billing and reimbursement for our three clinics.  From the cost assessment process through implementation and ongoing services, staff members and the systems at MedFocus have provided us with excellent support.   


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